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Wrestling News Media: Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" Bringing Hulk Hogan And Roddy Piper’s Legendary Stories To TV / Movies; NBC Talk, by Greg Tingle

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Dwayne Johnson The Rock Hulk Hogan Roddy Piper Andre The Giant Wrestling WWE Movies Television Hollywood NBC Warner Bros. Paramount Pictures Media Man

Dwayne Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer are teaming up for a new TV project, set in the world of competitive wrestling in the ’80s. The NBC offering hails from Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television; Johnson (“Fast Five”) will be an EP on the project but no word on whether he’ll actually appear in the series. Deadline says it will be written by Brent Fletcher and Seamus Kevin Fahey (”Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”), who will co-executive produce alongside KristieAnne Reed. Johnson will next be seen in the Uni tentpole “G.I Joe : Retalliation”.

NBC Buys Dwayne Johnson-Bruckheimer Wrestling Drama Set In 1980s...

NBC is getting in the ring with a put pilot commitment to a drama about the 1980s professional wrestling boom that is executive produced by one of the biggest ’90s wrestling stars, Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. The fictional drama set in the world of wrestling in the ’80s hails from Bruckheimer TV, marking a departure from the company’s signature brand of procedurals. It will be written by Brent Fletcher and Seamus Kevin Fahey (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena), who will co-executive produce alongside KristieAnne Reed. Johnson, Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman are executive producing.

The ’80s, often called “the golden age of wrestling”, marked a surge in the popularity of professional wrestling in the U.S. fueled by the growth of cable television and pay-per-view and the efforts of hot-shot promoters like Vince McMahon. During that period, pro wrestling shifted from a system controlled by numerous regional companies to a system dominated by two nationwide companies: Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling and McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation. It featured the launch of WrestleMania and the emergence of wrestling’s first crop of superstars led by Hulk Hugan. The project extends the popularity of period dramas among the broadcast networks, which have two such series, the 1960s-set Pan Am on ABC and The Playboy Club on NBC, premiering this fall. It also expands wrestling’s presence at NBCUniversal. NBC’s sibling network USA carries WWE Raw as well as the revival of WWE Tough Enough. This is the third sale and third put pilot commitment for Bruckheimer TV so far this development season. The company recently set up a Navy SEALs drama at ABC and a procedural about a mom-turned-New York State Trooper at CBS. Fahey, repped by UTA and Underground Films & Management, previously worked with Bruckheimer TV as a writer on the ABC series The Forgotten. Fletcher is with CAA.

Bruce Willis is on board for New Orleans-shot 'G.I. Joe 2,' co-star Dwayne Johnson confirms...

Rumors have been swirling for weeks involving Bruce Willis' reported negotiations to join the New Orleans cast of Paramount Pictures' big-budget, high-octane "G.I. Joe" sequel. This weekend, confirmation finally came -- from none other than "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" co-star Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson, who has been generous with the Twitter updates since arriving in town last month to begin prepping for the film, let the cat out of the bag Saturday (Aug. 20) with the following tweet:

"Welcome brother Bruce Willis to the cast of GI Joe! What an honor. #HeavyArtillery."

Paramount hasn't issued an official announcement yet, but Willis reportedly had been in talks to play Gen. Joe Colton, the character who started the G.I. strike team in the 1980s comic books and who is referred to by many as the "original" G.I. Joe.

He joins a cast that includes Johnson, as Roadblock; Adrienne Palicki, as Lady Jaye; and Channing Tatum, reprising his role as Capt. Duke Hauser from 2009's "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra."

Jon M. Chu ("Step Up 3D," "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never") is directing.

It's only the latest in a string of recent New Orleans-shot projects for Willis, including "RED," "Looper," "Lay the Favorite" and "Fire with Fire."

The big-budget "G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation" started filming last week as part of an extended shoot that is expected to see it continue to Thanksgiving. The film is scheduled for a July 29, 2012, release.

Andre The Giant Slot Game Developed By NextGen Gaming

Legendary wrestler Andre The Giant now has his own slot game. The game was developed by developer NextGen Gaming. The slot game is expected to go live before the conclusion of this year and is tipped to be added to the portfolio of Media Man reports.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Media Man News Update - Wrestling News Media - Movies, Gaming, Casinos, Politics, Australia, Hollywood...

Promotions Marvel slots website website $3000 sign up bonus website $500 sign up bonus website Media Man promotions

News Wins Media Man 'Online Casino of the Month'

PartyPoker And PartyCasino Owner Digital Entertainment Plans Return to US Market

Worldwide Satellite Trailer Debut: “The Great Gatsby”; YouTube Warner Bros. Pictures

Australian Government may legalise live online gambling; NRL, Crown Limited; The Star, Marvel Games

CeBIT Australia; CeBIT platforms NSW tech projects; Award Winners - Sydney, Australia

Avengers smash $1 billion mark; Marvel Entertainment: The Avengers video game in the works...

The secrets of Sin City

Bikie Wars skids to under 1m for Ten

ABC, Star casino go to court over TV news report

Kerry Packer is Nine’s secret weapon

Casino Stocks Worth The Gamble

Labor and Communication Minister Stephen Conroy under attack over internet gamble

Russell Crowe Feared He Was Target of 'Hit'

Your Guide to 'Mad Men' and Advertising History

TNA claims WWE tried to poach its wrestlers

Worst Comic Book Ever!

Spotify Launches Down Under

News On Rock's New Movie, Legend At Comic-Con This Weekend, Brooke Hogan On FOX & Friends

WWE Attorney Responds To TNA Lawsuit, Says They Did The Right Thing

‘Marvel Heroes’ Online Game Gets First Preview (Video)

Resort experts welcome more non-gaming business

Hollywood action hero news: Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Expendables 2, The Tomb

An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical Plays Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star

Fightin' Fanboys: Dolph Ziggler

Business Matters: Bono Will Make Maybe $10 Million, Not $1.5 Billion, From Facebook's IPO

Facebook could kill the internet: Wolff

Naples Museum of Art to feature costumes from famous science-fiction movies, TV shows

TNA Files Lawsuit Against WWE, Ric Flair Mentioned In Suit

WWE News: Jericho "suspended indefinitely" following flag incident at Brazil house show, WWE issues statement

WWE STAR CHRIS JERICHO Suspended for Desecrating Brazilian Flag

JOHN CENA'S WIFE You Can't Divorce Me... Yet

A Much Closer Look At The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man

Mashable’s Exclusive Q&A With Stan Lee: Here’s a Teaser [VIDEO] gets answer to Schleswig-Holstein question

Australian tourism can be saved by Chinese middle class to large casinos; Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Wrestling with face paint, bodyart and human statues; Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Jeff Hardy...

What the Media has said about wrestling over the years

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wrestling with face paint, bodyart and human statues; Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Lord Tensai and more, by Greg Tingle


Human Statue Bodyart Eva Rinaldi Wrestling Jeff Hardy Hulk Hogan Face Painting Sydney Australian Sports Entertainment

Pro wrestling is different things to different people, but it's widely accepted as one of the most popular forms of entertainment - especially for men and kids.

Every week millions of fans tune into television to watch promotions like the famous WWE and Impact Wrestling.

Pro wrasling may be as American as apple pie, but Australia is one of the world's biggest non U.S fan bases, and we back it up with impressive PPV buy rates via Foxtel as well as weekly top 10 number crunching for programs such as RAW and SmackDown!

There are many elements that make the pseudo sport exciting. The spectacular moves, the amazing bodies, the ring entrances, the storylines, the costumes and face paint. Say what - face paint! Yes, even most casual fans would have heard of the man they call Sting (currently with Impact Wrestling, but featured on the WWE website), Jeff Hardy, The Ultimate Warrior, and let's also include the recently renamed WWE super heel - villain, Lord Tensai (tattoos and bodyart galore). It also appears that current WWE champion Sheamus aka 'The Great White', uses a little white paint or some other substance on his chest area (you need to look closely, but check out the WrestleMania 28 footage and judge for yourself).

We think that Australian pro wrestlers might soon more readily adopt face painting as another way to help stand out from the pack.

Famous Pro Wrestling Stars With Face Paint...


The Man Called Sting. Icon or not, he has an impressive pro wrestling body of work and knows how to work the crowd.

He has the 'It Factor' and is almost as famous for his face paint, as he is his matches with fellow legend Ric Flair.

His red version of the paint during his time in the NWO Wolfpac was something to behold.

He even had previous face paint along the lines of Ultimate Warrior styling when he still had blond hair and more recently at Impact Wrestling with Joker type face paint. No wonder WWE seem to be making a play to sign Sting, or at least to have him officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The different changes have lent him to using his face paint as both intimidation and character enhancement.

Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)

Considered by many as one of the greatest tag teams of all time, if not the greatest, The Road Warriors both had simple but awesome face paint.

Hawk and Animal had their Mad Max-inspired gimmick down to a science, spiked shoulder pads and all.

This face paint seems to be a combination of character inspiration and intimidation.

RIP Hawk. Ah, what a rush!

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy aka 'The Charismatic Inigima' might just be the king of the face paint in professional wrestling.

His use of face paint is pure character enhancement, but nobody has ever done it better.

He changes it frequently, and usually it comes up looking amazing. Most hardcore fans will tell you that Hardy's face paint has been better and more creative in Impact Wrestling than in the WWE. Maybe Hardy has more control in his current promotion, which is also a scary thing. Great paint, and well done on cleaning up your act Jeff, if we should believe the press.

The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior had some of the coolest face paint of all time.

Some have noted a dash of Batman themes in the mix.

Add the paint to the interviews, chiseled body and unique and crazy ring style, and this guy was one of a kind wacko (and successful). Will Triple H bring back the Warrior? Stranger things have happened, and Triple H has hinted via the WWE website and leaked elsewhere that he would be interested in getting a 1-2-3 over Warrior, so stay tuned.


I can remember it like yesterday "I'm Axe and "I'm Smash" and we're going to kick your stinking teeth in". The them went something like "Here comes the Ax and here comes the Smasher. The Demolition is coming to get ya". Red, black and silver have never looked so good (or scary).

Like The Road Warriors, Demolition also employed a Mad Max-inspired theme in their gimmick.

Demolition seemed to use their paint as intimidation and character enhancement.

The KISS Demon

The KISS Demon was created with a licensing agreement with KISS the band. Supposedly the beginning of a stable that was to include wrestlers modelled after each of the KISS band members. Only The Demon came to pass, and it didn't last. Another WCW idea that went south. I would have trusted my marketing and promotion with KISS top brass Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley more than with the then WCW marketing department. How about you KISS Army fans?

The Powers of Pain (The Warlord and The Barbarian)

The Powers of Pain was a team that consisted of the Warlord and The Barbarian. Managed by Mr. Fuji, who for a few years was one of best managers in my estimation. Their face paint was fairly generic but nevertheless intimidating.

After the team split up, they both stepped away from using facepaint and each gained a new manager—Warlord being paired up with Slick and Barbarian joining Bobby Heenan.

The Missing Link

The Missing Link was a character not so unlike to that of George 'The Animal' Steele and Madog Vachon - a crazy man that needed a handler to bring him to the ring and keep him under control.

He would repeatedly smash his own head into turnbuckles during matches and use his head as a weapon (but in reality his forearm appeared to take most of the blow). Kayfabe!

His face paint seemed to be geared more towards furthering his character.

'Dewey' Robertson passed away in August 2007. RIP.

Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi wrestled in WWE for some time before debuting the above look.

During a feud with Tyson Kidd, where he was written off of television for a few weeks, Yoshi debuted this look when he returned citing it as a tribute to The Great Muta and his Japanese heritage. You have to long his ring entrance music and video, but his win - loss record is not on par with the rest of his act. Maybe he would have had more impact 10 years ago. Sadly we will never know. Tipped to enter a feud with Lord Tensai at some point, judging by Twitter, or might soon end up being shown the door, thanks to new WWE talent coming in. We like your work Yoshi and hope things pick up for you whatever happens.

Kamala The Ugandan Giant

The Ugandan Giant wrestled mainly in the 80's and 90's and his gimmick was that of a head hunter. Slap that huge belly. Recently told some dirt sheets that he wasn't happy with his paydays and guys like Hogan were making millions. Kamala, you were never Hogan (but we get your point).


Was a very good wrestler, especially by old WCW standards.

He has mainly competed in smaller organizations and wrestled in WCW for awhile. Face paint was simple, but effective.

Bull Nakano

Competed in Japan for most of her career. Many fans from North America know Nakano from feuding with Alundra Blayze / Madusa in WWE and WCW.

Her face paint is fairly understated most of the time save for the crack like streaks down her face.

Nakano is understood to have given professional golfing a swing!

Papa Shango

The man that would go on to become Kama and The Godfather. A good gimmick (geared to kids).

His voodoo gimmick of causing wrestlers to vomit and ooze oily looking stuff out of their heads was only enhanced by his skull inspired face paint.

The Great Kabuki

The man credited with being the first to blow 'Asian Mist' into his opponent's face has pretty cool face paint. Almost looks like he was on the receiving end of the Asian Mist himself.

He held a series of retirement matches in 1998 and was always a very solid worker.

The Great Muta

The Great Muta has had many different styles of face paint throughout the years.

Mostly known in North America for his stints in WCW and short time in WWE, Muta has always been a top wrestler wherever he has competed.

Changed over to wearing a mask since shaving his head. Check out Muta VS Hogan which took place in Japan about 15 years ago. Classic.


The whole gimmick of Hakushi 'tatooing' his face and body with Kanji characters was very cool. Very good worker.


Dustin Rhodes eccentric character has one of the coolest paint jobs ever. You have to love the Hollywood theme and intro, and how about the trademark promo "You will always remember the name... GOLDUST".


The Samoan Bulldozer was awesome. Umaga's face paint appeared to be an extension of his tribal tattoo art that he had across the rest of his body.

Umaga used his face paint to enhance his character and as a source of intimidation to his opponents with it resembling war paint of certain tribes.

Sadly, Eddie Fatu passed away in 2009. RIP.

Damien 666

While the colours and styles of Damien 666's paint changed throughout the years, the number 666 has always emblazoned his forehead.

Wrestling for most of his career in Mexico, Damien uses his paint as a character enhancer as well as for intimidation purposes.

The Bogeyman

If any gimmick was perfect to have face paint associated with it, the Boogeyman is it. He made a few alterations to it throughout his WWE career, but all consisted of a blood red backdrop on to which he superimposed other weird things.

His apparent eating of worms added additional intimidation factor to the whole gimmick.


Lord Tensai, a major heel (villain) in the WWE has heavy face and body tattoos and body piercings, most if not all of which are legit. A former name he wrestled under was 'Prince Albert' (look it up and draw your own conclusions). A tough and legit SOB with loads of talent. Give the hardcore fans more time and they should come around and back him up more in current WWE storylines.

So wrestling and face paint fans. There you have it.

Got a wrestling match or fancy dress party coming up? Why not contact face painting and costume specialists, Human Statue Bodyart, for more details about how you can bring your pro wrestler to life. Masks and other costumes and accessories are also available.

Thank you to the extremely talented pro wrestlers who keep entertaining the fans each week, and Sting, Jeff Hardy and friends... please keep wowing us with your artistic creations.

That's it for the wrestling and face painting unmasked news today, but stay turned for developments as the countdown towards AWF 'Australia VS The World' and WWE 'Over The Limit' continues.

*The writer is the business manager of Human Statue Bodyart, Eva Rinaldi Photography and the director of Media Man and Australian Sports Entertainment.


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Saturday, May 5, 2012

WWE Superstars and their Avengers equivalents; Hulk Hogan - Marvel Entertainment connection

WWE Superstars and their Avengers equivalents; Hulk Hogan - Marvel Entertainment connection; The Hulk Movies And TV Series Planned; The Wolverine May Be Rated 'R', Australia, Hollywood...


Movies Hollywood Marvel Entertainment Marvel Studios Marvel Comics Disney Sydney

Marvel superhero fans in Australia and around the world. We've got tons of news for you today. There's the WWE tie in, Hulk Hogan - Marvel Entertainment history, Avengers news, quotes, numbers and more...

WWE posted on their official website all time Avengers like teams from the history of the WWE and WCW.

Here's some WWE superstars and their Marvel superhero equivalents...

Mark Henry is Incredible Hulk: Both these guys are massive, have superhuman strength and short tempers. Sometimes Mark Henry wears a green onsie. Incredible Hulk may or may not have been a member of The Nation of Domination.

Dolph Ziggler is Thor: Technically one of the best Superhero’s in the business. Ziggler wears a pink T-Shirt as a cape so close enough.

CM Punk is Iron Man: Both are pretty much indestructible and cocky. They sometimes share the same facial hair.

Jack Swagger is Capitan America: Doesn’t really have any great powers but people seem to like them for some reason.

Vickie Guerrero is Bucky.

Kelly Kelly is Black Widow, but some will argue and say the role goes to super heel Eve.

R-Truth is Nick Fury: Seems to fit, and we know he's the right colour also. If the shoe fits...

Evan Bourne is Hawkeye: He’s not on the poster but both have pin point accuracy.

Hulk Hogan and Marvel Entertainment Background...

Who owns the rights to "Hulkamania" "Hulk Hogan" and "Hulkster"?

Marvel Comics. When Hulk Hogan first wrestled under the "Hulk" name he was known at "The Incredible Hulk Hogan". Marvel Comics had a television show and comic book at the time called "The Incredible Hulk". Marvel thought the WWF was copying their "Hulk" character and warned WWF to stop. Instead of stopping the "Hulkamania" character the WWF made a deal with Marvel to recognize Marvel as the owner of all the "Hulk" names and in return Marvel gave the WWF a license to merchandise the Hulk name. When Hulk Hogan went to WCW they signed a similar deal with Marvel.

It should be noted that when Hulk Hogan became Hollywood Hogan he tried to cancel the Marvel deal but it didn't work out well and the deal is still alive.

The Avengers Premieres Early and Strong at International Box Office; Second Highest Opening of All Time in Australia...

Marvel is experimenting with the typical release pattern for their giant tentpole movies. Thor premiered in dozens of foreign markets before the American release on May 2. The US got Captain America first for obvious reasons, but Marvel went international to unveil The Avengers before the U.S. gets a hold of it.

The Avengers debuted down under in Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan with an awesome $8 million start. Per THR, most of that was grossed in Australia, where $6 million makes it the second highest opening day behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Marvel will release The Avengers in over 40 international territories this weekend.

Expect more stellar results, since the all-star cast—Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson—and the colorful action bust the language barrier. By the time it makes its way back to the U.S on May 4, The Avengers is expected to surpass $150 million domestic in the opening weekend.

Official synopsis:

Marvel Studios presents in association with Paramount Pictures “Marvel’s The Avengers”–the Super Hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Joss Whedon, “Marvel’s The Avengers” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since. Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effects, when “Marvel’s The Avengers” assemble in summer 2012. In “Marvel’s The Avengers,” superheroes team up to pull the world back from the brink of disaster when an unexpected enemy threatens global security.

Marvel Planning More Hulk?; Mark Ruffalo's signed for six pictures...

One of the big successes of Marvel’s latest superhero outing, Avengers Assemble, is how well writer-director Joss Whedon and actor Mark Ruffalo pulled off bringing Bruce Banner and his rage-fuelled alter ego to life. It's no shocker that Marvel wants to do more Hulk flicks.

From what Ruffalo and Marvel’s president of consumer products have been saying, that could happen sooner rather than later.

Speaking with media firm Collider, Ruffalo says that he’s signed the seemingly standard six-movie contract with Marvel, and that he had such a good time, he definitely hopes they’ll keep him around for more.

But while Marvel film boss Kevin Feige has previously said there are no concrete plans to bring the Hulk back solo just yet, consumer products chief Paul Gitter sat down with Forbes magazine (via The Playlist) and talked up the company’s surprise at just how well The Hulk has been received and that things could be changing.

According to Gitter, the current thinking is to spin the Hulk off into the already-planned standalone TV series and then a likely next film in 2015.

We will need to hear more from Feige before we start marking in more Hulk time to our diaries. He’s the man who sets the agenda for the movies, and basing the decision to make more Hulk movies on how many toys could be sold doesn’t really seem the Marvel way.

We want to see more Banner and Hulk outings, assuming they’re organised and planned properly. We’ve got faith in Marvel’s ability to pump out more quality superhero TV shows and movies, so here's hoping the new team doesn't let us down, and continues to impress the heck out of media and fans, just as The Avengers smash hit movie has done.

Stealing The Avengers - 3rd May 2012...

As Loki, Tom Hiddleston is a villain who is equally happy destroying New York and stealing the show.
With the film set to break some box office records worldwide, everyone's buzzing about the all-star team of do-gooders in The Avengers, from Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man to Chris Evans' Captain America to Australian Chris Hemsworth's god of thunder, Thor.

Well how about this wily bad guy who's such a peril that humanity has to assemble half a dozen Marvel Comics superheroes to rein him in?

British actor Tom Hiddleston first played Loki, wicked younger son of Norse king of the gods Odin, in last year's Thor, scheming to banish brother Thor and take his place as heir to the throne.

Hiddleston's Loki proved so diabolical that he's back as the villain of The Avengers, which is currently playing in Australian cinemas.

As Hiddleston says, Loki is mean and hateful, which can be great fun - and greatly challenging - for an actor to play.

"Sometimes, it's really hard, especially when you get up in the morning feeling in a good mood, and that sort of innate contentment is of absolutely no use to you, because you're having to stoke the bonfires of anger and sadness and despair and all that stuff," Hiddleston said.

The 31-year-old classically trained actor, who studied at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, clearly managed to overcome his good moods to imbue Loki with venom. Not only was he cast in The Avengers, but Hiddleston's also returning for Thor 2, which begins shooting late this year for release in November 2013.

"He sort of steals the movie," Hemsworth said of Hiddleston's performance in The Avengers. "He's the catalyst for everything that's happening. What he's doing, that's where it either stands or falls, and he really pulled it off."

A rising star of British theatre and TV drama, Hiddleston followed Thor with a charming turn as F Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, then played a noble English cavalry officer in Steven Spielberg's War Horse.

Hiddleston co-stars with Rachel Weisz in Terence Davies' infidelity drama The Deep Blue Sea, now playing in US theatres. He also just finished production on British TV adaptations of Shakespeare's Henry IV parts one and two, playing Prince Hal, and Henry V, in which he has the title role.

Despite his comic-book roots, Loki himself has a Shakespearean dimension akin to such villains as Iago in Othello and Edmund in King Lear, Hiddleston said.

"He's motivated by the same things. He's motivated by jealousy and pride and ambition and vanity," Hiddleston said. "Shakespeare's very unforgiving of those things, and in a way, it's the same job. It's just, I'm wearing a crazier costume and blowing up Manhattan."

Hiddleston has older and younger sisters but no brothers. Yet he still recognises the Thor-Loki rivalry as a universal struggle.

"I've never had a brother, but I really understand it, because I had friends when I was a kid, whose brothers were very close in age, and they would beat the crap out of each other. And I could understand that that was sort of a natural thing."

Hiddleston can't say yet whether Loki and Thor are still beating on each other in Thor 2. He had not yet received the script, so he's as curious as any other fan about what Loki will be up to next.

"What's interesting for me is whether he's redeemable now at this point. ... Can he be forgiven by Thor, by Odin, and can he forgive himself?" Hiddleston said. "Is he even self-aware enough to know that's what he needs?"

Tune in late next year to find out. (AP)

Marvel sued over 'Iron Man' deal...

Just as it releases The Avengers in the U.S., Marvel Entertainment is being sued over a deal involving Iron Man.

Box-O-Mania, a Los Angeles toy company, sued the studio Thursday over a merchandising deal involving the character.

Maxim Tselevich, the owner of Box-O-Mania, claimed that he approached Marvel about a deal to use its superheroes on a kids’ playhouse he created in 2009.

Marvel was purchased by Disney that same year, although Disney was not cited in the suit.

The following year, Marvel and Box-O-Mania worked out a deal to create Iron Man Lair Play Boxes, which would be released to coincide with the DVD release of Iron Man 2 (2010) on Nov. 16.

However, Tselevich said that Marvel refused to provide the needed intellectual property and artwork to complete the playhouses. A few months later, he claimed to have learned that Marvel never had the licensing rights to the required IP, which led to a loss of $33,000.

The 23-page suit cites Marvel on nine counts, including fraud, concealment, misrepresentation and negligence.

“As a further result of the executor fraud,” it read. “Box-O-Mania has been damaged in lost business, business opportunities, and reputation and otherwise in an amount to be proved.”

Box-O-Mania has requested a 10-day jury trial.

Fox CEO Promises 'The Wolverine' Will Be 'True Berserker and Bad Ass'...

Tom Rotham additionally says that the Marvel superhero film will kick off filming in both Australia and Japan right after Hugh Jackman wraps 'Les Miserables' in London...

After being postponed for some time, "The Wolverine" will finally kick off its production in the near future. Giving some updates on the status of the long-gestating Marvel superhero movie project, 20th Century Fox CEO Tom Rothman stated that the anticipated film will be shot in both Australia and Japan, as well as promised that it will be "a true Wolverine movie."

Speaking to Collider, Rothman explained that "Wolverine" will start filming soon after lead actor Hugh Jackman wraps "Les Miserables", which is currently shooting in London. He said, "Hugh Jackman is finishing 'Les Miserables' in London, we're gearing up and prepping now."

"We'll shoot the stage work in Australia and the location work in Japan, and we'll start casting in the next month or so," Rothman went on saying. Since the plot will mainly be set in Japan, Rothman said that "there'll be a lot of local Japanese talent in it."

Asked about where the upcoming "Wolverine" movie will stand on, the CEO revealed, "This is a pretty original take." Hinting that the film will be grittier, he said, "It's based on a very successful run in the comics, but it's a true Wolverine movie, I mean this is the true berserker, bad ass Wolverine."

Rothman's statement somehow encourages Jackman's previous comments that he and director James Mangold might make "Wolverine" an R-rated movie. "James Mangold and I talked about [an R-rated version] and we're like 'Look, let's not put it off the table'," Jackman told MTV News.

Jackman said that he's been considering filming the superhero movie in both R and PG13 versions. "There's even talk about us doing two versions, as in finding a way to do both while you shoot it, which could be really cool. But you need to have a really good reason to exclude those fans," he explained.

"There is such great temptation to make an R-rated 'Wolverine'. I've always felt that, I know a lot of fans would like that, and if there's ever gonna be a superhero that's gonna be R-rated it's Wolverine," so Jackman dished.

"The Wolverine" will take its cue from the early 1980s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller miniseries, which is set in Japan. It features the mutant hero dealing with ninjas as he struggles whether to follow his animal killer instincts or live under a samurai's code of honor and respect.

20th Century Fox has scheduled to release the superhero film in the U.S. on July 26, 2013.


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Friday, May 4, 2012

WWE Pro Wrestling News: The Rock, Antonio Cesaro, WWE Shareholder’s Meeting, WWE Network


WWE Wrestling Vince McMahon Sports Entertainment Entertainment Television

G'day Australian pro wrestling - sports entertainment fans. Here's your long awaited news report. There's new wrestling talent, the annual shareholder's meeting, WWE Network news and much more.

- The Rock posted a shout out to WWE’s corporate and production employees on Twitter this weekend:

“To all @WWE corporate & production employees: THANK YOU. #ThatsAll”

- As seen on Friday’s SmackDown, Antonio Cesaro made his WWE TV debut in a “tryout match” against Tyson Kidd. Cesaro was introduced by his new lady friend Aksana before the match. The stipulation was that if John Laurinaitis liked what he saw, he would offer Cesaro a contract. Cesaro defeated Kidd in about three minutes and WWE’s website indicates that he is now part of the SmackDown roster.

- As noted before, WWE held the annual shareholder’s meeting on Friday morning at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Here are some more highlights:

* A shareholder asked if it was time to drop the price of pay-per-views due to a drop in buyrates and Vince said no. Another shareholder asked about WWE offering all pay-per-view events as a package like other sports. Vince said it was a possibility but they have to see whether or not the PPV’s will be includes as a part of the WWE Network and if so, how that changes their plans.

* A shareholder asked if pay-per-view events would be shown on the Network. Vince said they were formulating that and it all depended on pricing.

* Announcements will be coming “very shortly” about the future of NXT and Superstars distribution. WWE has used the shows in contract negotiations for the Network. They have strategically held back on bringing the shows back to TV.

* Vince was asked about concern over WrestleMania 29 and the chance that it will be held in 40 degree with a possibility of now. Vince mentioned fans going to MLB and NFL events outdoors, dressing appropriately and said the same will happen at WrestleMania. He added that if it snows, it will be a lot of fun.

* WWE Classics On Demand will most likely be dropped when the Network launches.

* Regarding the Network launching, Vince admitted he did not have an answer but said an announcement is forthcoming. He said they are taking their time so they can keep options open.

- Here are some more highlights from WWE’s shareholders meeting on Friday morning from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT:

* Triple H addressed the WWE developmental rumors and said the future has always been about making the best developmental territory possible. They are making plans to expand developmental but it’s doing what it’s designed to do – create and cultivate new talents.

* Vince McMahon said WWE content on TV will remain PG but movies will allow for content with stronger ratings. Vince talked about being proud of the Be A Star anti-bullying campaign. Vince said fighting bullying is something he really believes in and something that will be a huge initiative for WWE in the years to come.

* Vince was asked about a physical WWE Hall of Fame and said it’s still located in his head. Vince said they are not in a physical brick & mortar business but the entertainment business and added that Hall of Fames don’t make money usually. One day WWE will probably build something for the Hall of Fame but Vince said it needs to be in the right environment. (Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch, Wrestling Observer, WrestleZone, Wikipedia, WWE)

Vince McMahon comments on first quarter financial report...

WWE revealed its first quarter financial results on Thursday. The company reported revenues totaling 123.1 million compared to 119.9 million in the same quarter last year. Operating income is 16.0 million, up from 13.2 million in the prior year quarter.

“In the first quarter, EBITDA grew 19%, reflecting increased profits across all our businesses," Vince McMahon stated in a press release. "Our results were highlighted by the strong performance of our live events as we entered a new market in the Middle East. We are very pleased that our positive first quarter execution continued in April with the successful staging of WrestleMania, which is expected to deliver nearly 1.3 million pay-per-view buys globally.

"Through the first quarter, we made important progress on our key strategic initiatives, developing our foundation for creating and distributing new content, and building on our tremendous brand strength, especially in social media. Looking ahead, we are confident that we will leverage the broad appeal of our content to transform our business and drive long-term earnings growth."

WWE grabs solid gains in first quarter - 4th May 2012...

Thursday was a good day to be in the wrestling game, but ugly for local companies reporting earnings for their utilities, information technology research, food distribution and insurance operations.

Shares in Stamford-based WWE Inc. surged 13.52 percent to $8.90 after the entertainment company reported net income topped $15.3 million, or 20 cents a share for the first quarter. For the same period a year ago, WWE earned $8.6 million, or 11 cents a share.

The mean expectation from analysts was 5 cents a share, according to Bloomberg News.

During a conference call with analysts, executives of WWE cited improved revenues from live events and lower losses from its movie business as key drivers for this quarter's success.

In past years, WWE's profits have been hampered by losses from movies it made, but the company said WWE Studio's net profit loss was $1 million in this quarter, compared with $3.6 million a year ago. Live events contributed $7.4 million in profits to the company. The company also reported strong growth of its digital platform, which contributed $2.1 million to its bottom line in the quarter.

"Our results were highlighted by the strong performance of our live events as we entered a new market in the Middle East," WWE chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon said in a news release. "We are very pleased that our positive first-quarter execution continued in April with the successful staging of WrestleMania, which is expected to deliver nearly 1.3 million pay-per-view buys globally. Looking ahead, we are confident that we will leverage the broad appeal of our content to transform our business and drive long-term earnings growth."

WWE in ring for French film - 1st May 2012...

Dramedy 'Queen of the Ring' could be remade...

WWE Studios has partnered with Kare Prods. on the French dramedy "Les Reines du ring" (Queen of the Ring), which Warner Bros. Entertainment France will distribute.

Nathalie Baye, Andre Dussollier and Marilou Berry star in the film currently lensing under the direction of Jean-Marc Rudnicki.

Project revolves around a mother looking to strengthen her bond with her estranged son who is a WWE fan and trains to become one of WWE's female wrestlers, known as divas.

Film incorporates WWE trademarks, footage, consumer products and cameos by some of WWE's biggest stars, including CM Punk, the Miz and Eve, who recently shot their appearances for the film while on tour in France.

As part of its involvement, WWE Studios will receive an in-association credit on the pic and first-look rights to distribute the film in the U.S. and Canada. It also gets the rights to remake the film in English.

Thomas Langmann ("The Artist") is producing the film through his Paris-based La Petite Reine banner, with Antoine Rein and Fabrice Goldstein.

Other upcoming films for WWE Studios include the IM Global co-production "Dead Man Down," with Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Noomi Rapace and Dominic Cooper; the horror thriller "No One Lives," starring Luke Evans and WWE's Brodus Clay, which was co-produced with Pathe Films; cult hit "The Day," a pickup from the Toronto Intl. Film Festival that stars Dominic Monaghan, Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Bell; and "Barricade," with Eric McCormack. (Variety)

John Cena Talks Miz in Marine 3 - 5th May 2012...

IGN spoke with John Cena about never taking time off and The Miz taking over for Randy Orton in the third Marine installment.

Less than a week out from his brutal match with Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, I had a chance to talk briefly with John Cena about WWE storylines that make it seem like he's going to take some time off and the casting of The Miz as the lead in the upcoming third installment of the Marine movie franchise.

After his match with Lesnar last Sunday, and even a few years back during the Nexus storyline, it seemed like Cena was headed home for a break. But those breaks never happened and he was seen on TV the very next night or week. Is "the road" Cena's permanent home? "Yes," Cena said, "and I'm okay with that. It's certainly not a life for most people, and so when people look at you they think 'Well, how can he do that?' But if you commit to it and say this is where I am, then you can do it. And I'm just one of those folks that belongs on the road. It's where I truly feel safe. It's where I want to be. When I'm home I can only be there so long before I want to head back out. So that's me right now. As I get older I'm sure I'll want to slow down, but right now I wouldn't want to be in any other place." Cena also said that, while he never gets to spend a lot of time in the cities he visits, he prefers it that way. He likes the "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style."

"A guy had asked me today if I was interested in doing things like Expendables 2 and movies like that," Cena continued. "More action moves. And I said that it really comes down to how many tour dates I'd have to sacrifice. It would be really cool to make a lot more movies, but when they say you have to take six months off and miss all those events? That doesn't work for me. I really like being in, say, Huntsville tomorrow night. And then Knoxville after that. And then Chattanooga. Then Raleigh. It's how I plan my life now. I guess Red from Shawshank would say I'm institutionalized."

With Randy Orton dropping out of the third Marine film due to controversy, the WWE turned to The Miz to take over the lead role. I asked Cena what he thought of the casting. "You know what? I think it's going to be great," he said. "The franchise stands alone. I actually thought Ted DiBiase did a really good job in Marine 2. I know it was a straight to DVD movie but I thought, with their budget, they did as good, if not better, than what we did in the first Marine. And their budget was maybe twenty percent of ours. So I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Miz brings. You know Teddy was really good and being that subtle, All-American dude who, when it was called for, could blow everything up. Miz is not very subtle. So I'm actually very interested to see how it all works out. (IGN)


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